The International Music Instrumentmaker
Seminar of Norway - Fredrikstad - 2023
October 12th - October 15th
~ No instrumentmakerschool, no musicinstrumentmakers, no repairers, no restorers, no tuners, no music and dance ~

We invite you to the 3rd Instrument Maker Seminar in recent times. The focus of this seminar will be to establish a vocational college in Østfold and safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of the music industry in Norway.

The town of Markneukirchen in Germany has been the city where musical instruments have been built since the 1630s. The town of Markneukirchen has been called “das ist die kvälle für musikinstrumentenbau in den ganzen welt”.

After the music industry in the city was broken after the dissolution of the DDR, the city and the industry have spent 25 years rebuilding, and in 2014 were included on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage in relation to musical instrument building and all industry-related activities.

Deputy Ûbermeister, Vorstand in Handwerkskammer and city councillor in Markneukirchen, trombonemaker Stephan Voigt, come to tell us about how this has been possible.

The intangible cultural heritage, here it is covered under the term house of musical instruments, contains instrument building, musicians, musical instrument museum, parts production, music shops, wholesalers, orchestras, school bands, acoustic institute, education, seminars, festivals, music competition, etc. These were arenas going back 30 years, a vibrant community that today is on its way to more or less crumbling. 

Photo from Wernersgrün, Markneukirchen. Photo: Oscar Björklund
Gathering in Markneukirchen mai 2023, Vogtland musiktagen
We have travelled the last 3 and 1/2 years in the Nordic countries to find out what professionals are associated with musical instruments and visited the industry such as musicians, orchestras, concert halls etc. to find out what is needed. We are in the process of writing new curricula, in order to establish an industry-driven Nordic, Baltic and international education/institution focusing on the intangible cultural heritage that remains within the musical instrument making industry in Northern Europe.

The music industry in Germany is a partner in this work. We believe that the only place where this can be done is in eastern Norway, most nearby in Østfold. We have called the project “Recreation of the House of Musical Instruments”.

The music industry will meet at this seminar, there will be classical instrument makers, folk instrument makers, users and customers, and more.

All our partners and associated partners are invited and will participate in this seminar. There will also be representatives from our customers, such as musicians, orchestras, music wholesalers, etc.

Program for the seminar 12.10.23. – 15.10.23.


Information – simple review
Presentation of the participants
Establishment of a new international musical instrument making college in the Nordic countries
The intangible cultural heritage of musical instruments
Establishment of guilds – curricula – master education
Are folk instruments dying?
Status report from Iceland, Sweden, Finland, the Baltics and Norway
Dinner and socializing

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